Impact of Big Data Analysis on Nanosensors for Applied Sciences Using Neural Networks


In the current-generation wireless systems, there is a huge requirement on integrating big data which can able to predict the market trends of all application systems. Therefore, the proposed method emphasizes on the integration of nanosensors with big data analysis which will be used in healthcare applications. Also, safety precautions are considered when this nanosensor is integrated where depth and reflection of signals are also observed using different time samples. In addition, to analyze the effect of nanosensors, six fundamental scenarios that provide good impact on real-time applications are also deliberated. Moreover, for proving the adeptness of the proposed method, the results are equipped in both online and offline analyses for investigating error measurement, sensitivity, and permeability parameters. Since nanosensors are introduced, the efficiency of the projected technique is increased by implementing media access control (MAC) protocol with recurrent neural network (RNN). Further, after observing the simulation results, it is proved that the proposed method is more effective for an average percentile of 67% when compared to the existing methods.

Journal of Nanomaterials
Shitharth Selvarajan
Shitharth Selvarajan
Lecturer in Cyber Security

My research interests include Cyber Security, Blockchain, Critical Infrastructure & Systems, Network Security & Ethical Hacking.