A Comprehensive Study on Eucalyptus, Open Stack and Cloud Stack


Cloud computing remains the discussing topic in the field of deploying applications, data storage, improvising operational efficiency, cost savings, and high performance. Incremented storage capacity and automation suppleness, flexibility, and scalability are the key factors in cloud computing. Choosing an appropriate cloud platform can be very difficult and every platform can have advantages and disadvantages. So, in our research, we are comparing the attributes of open stack and cloud stack. This platform comparison intends to compare the efficiency and usage of the cloud platforms. Then, the eucalyptus, cloud stack, and open stack come under the cloud platform to perform efficiently with high scalability. These platforms can go hybrid with AWS to develop applications. The comparison between this cloud platforms is to summarize the scalability and services. Eucalyptus, open stack, and cloud stack are all reopen-source cloud computing software platforms and this paper heavily focuses on their pros and cons in terms of efficiency, storage, and usage parameters. Conservation of user data should be more cost-efficient in the cloud and these tools comparison would highly assist the users to have an eagle view over the major cloud computing platforms.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
Shitharth Selvarajan
Shitharth Selvarajan
Lecturer in Cyber Security

My research interests include Cyber Security, Blockchain, Critical Infrastructure & Systems, Network Security & Ethical Hacking.