Data Security in Cloud Computing Using Abe-Based Access Control


Business organizations and individual users are using cloud storage for storing their data and files. Cloud storage is managed by cloud service provider (CSP) being third party person to the data owners. Cloud storage consists of user’s confidential data. After storing data in cloud, the owner of data cannot have control over data, where owner cannot trust the CSP because possibility of a malicious administrator. Based on this, different schemes are proposed. Security is a major concern for cloud stored data, and CSP has to provide trust to the data owner on security of the cloud stored data. In general, security to data and applications is provided through authentication and authorization. Security through authentication is provided by distributing user name and password to data users. However, the organizational user is not allowed to access all the organizational data. Authorization for accessing the data is provided by using access control models. Regular models are not enough to use the CSP based on the models uses dynamic method and proposed different models using attribute-based encryption (ABE). Earlier access control models cannot be used because of multiple disadvantages. This chapter will discuss dynamic access control model named as RA-HASBE. This model is proved to be scalable and flexible, due to sub-domain hierarchy. It is also proved to be dynamic by permitting user to access the data by risk evaluation using risk engine.

Architectural Wireless Networks Solutions and Security Issues
Shitharth Selvarajan
Shitharth Selvarajan
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